A lesbian detective who always plays by the rules takes on a missing person’s case, unaware of the lies and deceit that threaten to unravel the lives all those involved. As the investigation intensifies, so do her feelings for the wife of the missing man. Can she put her emotions aside for the sake of her job, or will the case undermine everything she has worked so hard for? 


As Helena wakes up to find, Adam, her husband and the father of her child, missing, she reaches out to friends, family and the authorities. 

Detective Sergeant Ashley McCoy is put in charge of investigating his disappearance, and matters are confounded by the discovery of an unidentified body in a local canal and a digital trail of breadcrumbs which leads Ashley and Helena down a dark rabbit hole. One which suggests Adam wasn’t the man he appeared to be. 

As the search for Adam intensifies, and his lies undermine his marriage to Helena, Ashley and Helena develop feelings for each other. As the story evolves, and as the mystery unravels, relationships strain, lines are blurred and secrets begin to swell, but all will be revealed in the film’s car-crash conclusion.